About Us

Our mission is to provide a one-stop integrated e-commerce platform for the décor & craft Wholesale Industry. Through our innovative technology and business solutions, we overcome the many barriers in the flow of information, fund and goods in cross-border commerce.  We provide an interactive and seamless transactional space for retailers, sales reps, manufacturers, designers and service providers all over the world to engage in more efficient, intelligent and friendlier business processes along the entire supply chain.  

Our platform provides values to the various stakeholders on the supply chain:


We understand the need of the retailers to stay competitive and unique. By reducing the number of middle layers and integrating logistics services into the platform, we lower the cost and give the retailers more room in pricing. We extend this room further by constantly expanding the sourcing scope and selecting the best manufacturers. We also offer event-driven special discounts and group-buy solutions.

Our professional “Quality Control Team” assesses our sources and makes sure the products are of good quality, style, and are in good shape. We provide our retailers a quality guarantee because we are confident in our processes.

We appreciate the fact that we are in the arts & crafts industry and uniqueness is to be respected. We treasure the individual requests and feedbacks from our retailers as precious indication of market trends and opportunities to improve our services. Our platform and support team provides friendly interfaces to respond to the variety kinds of customization needs and information. As an example, our platform offers finance plans for qualified retailers who are in tight cash flow, or zero-storage model for retailers who support direct delivery.


Our business and technological innovations means that sales reps can manage more transactions with less work. Our platform provides technical system to manage sales activities, as well as human support to prepare information and materials, which translates into higher efficiency and more income for sales reps.

Using our platform, sales reps have significantly less mundane work and can focus on the more creative sales tasks. Selling experiences will be much more enjoyable. The system will keep records of important sales data, making the activities traceable and memory lists


Our platform aims at reducing the layers in the supply chain, thus putting manufacturers at a much closer distance with sales resources in a different country than traditional trading channels. For manufacturers with unique products, our platform facilitates the potential of allowing manufacturers to work with a sales group in a different country as one team and create their own sales solutions. 

Working in the same space with sales, retailers and designers also allows manufacturers to gain a  better sense of market trends and make faster reactions in production plans with enhanced accuracy.

As all transactions are digitally recorded on the platform, it makes it easy for us to analyze and aid in decisions to provide financing for our manufacturer partners.


Designers’ creativities give life to our products. Very often though, many good ideas are shelved or stay on drawing boards. We are keen on letting the seed of creativity grow into fruition. We like to set up a community where designers will have the necessary audience, funds and cooperative business models to commercialize their ideas.  This not only gives them economic benefits from their ideas, but also gives them a sense of great pride in making dream products into reality

The platform also offers the space where designers can interact and get inspiration with other designers, retailers and manufacturers.